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            Tea Seed Meal without Straw                                   Tea Seed Cake with Straw                             Tea Seed Pellet


Organic matter

≥ 80%

Tea saponin-containing


Residual oil




Starch and sugar




Packing: Net weight 25kgs, 50kgs per each plastic woven bag or 1000kgs per each package



1, Clear pond disinfection

    Tea cake with lime or tea seed meal mixed with bleach, also used  clear pond disinfection alone. Tea seed meal in the clear pond disinfection with low drug costs, make the best of easy, rapid detoxification, no residual injury, high turnover, etc., not only can kill a variety of low-quality wild hybrid fish buried in the mud, and also can kill  tadpoles, leeches, and snails, mussels, clams etc., and has a protective effect on aquatic plants.


2, Used as feed

    Tea seed meal can be used as feed after fermentation. According to per acre fish ponds and fish feeding habits calculation, about per acre fish ponds simple fed tea meal 15 kg to 20 kg. First computing a good amount of tea meal into the head of pond into fermentation, add 1/3 of the water soaked, and then covered with a nylon film or woven piece with a brick or stone, pressing the edge of the pool four weeks, to prevent rain washed rinse every 4 days to 5 days plus 1/5 of water, and turned over once. Pool fermentation temperature reached only above 30 C within 15 days, low temperature need longer fermentation. When you see the surface of the pool size of the bubbles, the smell of wine flavor or sour, then prove its fermentation composting can be used for feeding as the fish feed. For safety reasons, the feeding should be preceded by 100 grams of tea meal dissolved in 10 kg of water, put a few fish tail, 12 hours after the fish still move freely, indicating that tea seed meal toxicity disappears, and can use. Some fish farmers in the mixed feed of 50 kg plus 5 kg to 10 kg by the fermentation of tea seed meal, stir well, and can be fed with 1000 kg to 1250 kg of fish.


3, Prevention of fish diseases

   Tea seed meal is also the good drugs of  prevention of haemorrhagic disease and bacterial gill fish, red skin, enteritis. Within one month after the fish into the pond or in the summer and autumn with high-temperature, fish disease outbreak season (April to October) Per cubic used 5kg tea seed meal, scattered the entire pool, not only can kill the fish was and gills of the pathogen, but also can kill the parasites (eggs). Best stick with the 2 to 3 times a month,  have a preventive effect and control  of treatment on the incidence of fish. With the lime (20 kg of water per acre spill) or bleach (per acre with one kilogram of water splashing), with better results






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