Sodium Cyanide

Molecular Formula : NaCN

CAS No.: 143-33-9                         Molecular Weight : 49.01

melting point 563.7                        The specific weight: 1.596

boiling point 1496.

Appearance: white crystal powder, with acute toxicity, vulnerable to deliquesce, and soluble in water.


Application:  Sodium cyanide is used in electroplating and metallurgical industry to extract precious metal and in surface carbonization of copper material. It can also be used to manufacture hydrocyanic acid, propylene nitrile, medicine and cyanide reagent, etc., and is also designed to be the important raw material of pesticide, organic glass, man-made fleece, synthetic fiber and other plastics.


item Standard  
NaCN: 98.0% min
NaOH 0.5% max
Na2CO3 1.0% max
Water 1.0 max
Water insoluble 0.05% max


Packing : The product is packed with 25kg, 30kg, 50kg iron barrel plus plastics lined with bag packing. or 1000kgs wooden box


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