Barium Nitrate

Formula: Ba(NO3)2


Molecular Weight: 261.336


Appearance :White crystal or powder


Physicochemical property: transparent, white cubic crystal, density: 3.24g/cm3.


Melting point: 592


Usage: Used in producing various kinds of barium salts, colorants, and explosives, especially fireworks.


Packing: in 50Kg,25Kg, 1000kgs P. P. bags.  


item Standard
Super grade first grade
Purity [Ba(NO3)2] 99.3%min  99.0%min 
Moisture 0.05%max     0.05%max  
Insoluble substance in water 0.05%max   0.1%max  
Ferrum (Fe) 0.001%max   0.003%max  
Chloride (base on BaCl2) 0.05%max   0.1%max  
PH value 5.0-8.0 5.0-8.0




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