Barium Carbonate (Powder&Granular)

Formula: BaCO3

Molecular Weight: 197.35


Usage: It's used to make inkstone salt, pigment, optical glass, paint, pottery and poreelain, radio cell, etc.


Standard No.: GB/T1614-1999.


Packing: in 50Kg, 25Kg, 1000kgs P. P. bags.


item Standard
Super grade first grade
Purity 99.2%min  99.0%min 
Moisture 0.30%max     0.30%max  
SO4 0.20%max   0.30%max  
HCL insoluble matter 0.15%max   0.25%max  
Fe 0.004%max   0.004%max  
CL 0.01%max -
Powder, Residue on 125um sieve 45um sieve 0.20%max   1% max 0.30%max  1% max 
Granular,Residue on 850um sieve 1.0%max   1.0%max
Granular, Residue on 150um sieve 94.0%min 94.0%min





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