Product name: Thiourea

Molecular Formula: (CH4N2S)
Molecular Weight: 76.12
CAS No.:

Appearance: A lustrous white crystalline compound

Usage: It's used to make thiazole medicine such as sulphathiazole, tetramizole, thiourea dioxide and a medium of medicine curing thyroid gland. In testile Industry, it's used as a bleaching agent, dyeing agent and antiodidant. In the process of making a blueprint paper, it has the merit of clear blueprint and no fade.

Standard No.:ZBG17013-88.


item Standard  
Purity  99% min.
Loss on heating  0.40 % max.
Ash 0.10% max.
Matter Insoluble in water  0.02% max.
Thiocyanate 0.02 % max.
Melting point  ºC  171 min.


Packing:25KG P.P.BAG  






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