Manganese Carbonate                 

 Quality is conformed to GB10503-89


Iteams Product type
MnO3(Cal.with Mn) 44-46%
Sulfate(Cal.with SO4) 0.03 % max.
Chloride(Cal. With Cl) 0.01 % max.
Solicon dioxide(Cal.with SiO2) 0.01 % max.
Aluminium(Al) 0.01 % max.
Potassium K 0.01 % max.
Sodium Na 0.02 % max.
Calcium Ca 0.03 % max.
Magnesium Mg 0.02 % max.
Lead Pb 0.005 % max.


Uses: Mainly used for producing magnetic materials, Synthetic manganese dioxide, manufacturing organic manganous salts, paint dryer, stocks or desulfurate cataluzer and porcelain/ceramic glaze and electrode, etc.

Packing: 25kgs,50kgs per each woven bag with plastic lining.





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